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AutoReminder: Integration with other appointment software

One common question asked from our AutoReminder customers is this: Can it be used with their existing scheduling or billing software. The answer is definite YES.

You have three options:

(1). Export Appointments from your other software product. The format of the file must conform to the required AutoReminder format. Please refer to Import Appointments.

(2). If your software product cannot produce the file format required by AutoReminder, you will need a conversion program. Voicent can create a customized program for you. Please contact our sales for a quote.

(3). If you are a developer, or have access to IT support, you can use more advanced integration methods, such as HTTP interface and command line interface. By using these methods, you can directly control AutoReminder such that appointments are added to AutoReminder automatically. This approach can eliminate the manual import and export process. However, it requires some development work. You can contact your software vendor or us for such services. For more details, please take a look at HTTP interface and Command line interface

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