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Voicent Release 10: What’s New?

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    The Look

    Voicent software now utilizes a modern web UI

Voicent Communications software release 10 has a state-of-the-art user interface that’s completely web-based.
The new web interface isn’t only nice on the eyes, it’s packed full of new features that make sales and support teams more effective at what they do.
By moving to the web, Voicent software offers more flexibility and consistency across all Voicent applications, so there’s no longer the need to switch
between applications to get information necessary to close the deal. To get your campaigns up and running, all you need is a browser-enabled device and
you’re well on your way to optimized workflow management. Take a look at the picture below to see the new look. (NOTE: If you’re still using the
spreadsheet user interface, don’t worry, you can switch back and forth between the two seamlessly.)

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    Voicent software works for you to increase efficiency

So, what is the advantage of release 10? Now you can view comprehensive campaign reports, alter campaign configurations,
and create call lists, all from the same window. By unifying your CRM data and campaign management tools,
Voicent software allows you to automate routine tasks related to sales and marketing through direct access to engagement history and account details.

Automated dispositions (as seen above) can help organize the leads your team is in contact with, so your agents can focus on the ones that matter most.

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    Voicent CRM

    Voicent software provides customer tracking for powerful insights into the daily operations of your team

With the Voicent CRM, managers can pull key data about their customers and leads to see where they are in the sales process. Now you can combine the
data of your customers with the efficiency of Voicent communications software to ensure your outreach efforts reach the people that matter most.

Want to try out the new software free of charge? Head over to the downloads page to get the shareware
version of our software. It’s free, but it has a small advertisement message.

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