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Proxy Server: Voicent Gateway returned error status 502

If you are getting the “Gateway returned error status 502″ when starting BroadcastByPhone or AutoReminder, you’ll need to check your proxy server settings for your Internet connections.

(This paragraph gets a little technical. Skip it if you get totally confused.) The reason is that Voicent Gateway and its applications communicate through the HTTP protocol. The HTTP protocol is the web standard that is used by your browser, for example. If your computer is behind a corporate firewall, and all web access is through a web proxy server, then all your web address resolution is through the proxy server, and all web surfing traffic is going through that proxy server too. If the proxy settings does not bypass local addresses, i.e., your current host and hosts on your local area network, then your web address resolutions might not work if the proxy server is not configured correctly.

To fix the problem, you will need correct the proxy settings for your computer. Open your Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options… from the main menu. Please do the following:

  • Select the “Connections” tab
  • Click on “LAN Settings” or “Settings” button according to your current Internet connection used
  • If the proxy server is NOT enabled, then don’t do anything. The problem is somewhere else. If it is enabled, check the box marked as “Bypass proxy server for local addresses”. Click OK
  • Click OK on the Internet Options dialog

Starting from release 3.2, Voicent Gateway will try to detect your proxy settings during startup. If it finds the problem, it displays a warning message on your screen.

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