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Automated phone call from website

Hello. I have a website for job matching service. Automated emails are sent when there is a job match or somebody applies for a job, etc. I need to be able to send automated phone calls at the same time to the person that receives the email, due to the time sensitivity of this service. Is this something you offer? If not, could you please point me to a direction where I can find more information?

Yes, this is exactly what we offer. All Voicent software products support the web interface (HTTP protocol), so you should be able to start an automated call from your website easily.

You have two choices. One is interface with Voicent AutoReminder application, the other is to interface with Voicent Gateway. AutoReminder interface is high level, it is suitable for most applications. It also has command line interface also. For more information, please see: auto reminder integration.

If you need more control about your phone interaction, for example, you need to dynamically generate the phone conversation during the call, or need to fetch some data from a relational database, then you should use Voicent Gateway. The gateway is a VoiceXML gateway. It is a generic interactive phone application platform. Actually, Voicent AutoReminder is an application developed on top of the gateway. For documentation, samples, and reference info, please see Voicent developer network

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