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Upgrade to Enterprise Edition

I am currently using BBP autodialer professional version and considering upgrading to enterprise edition. I have a few questions:

1) If I have a BBP enterprise edition stationed in the office and I am working on a laptop at home, can I prepare the call list at home and have the call list exported to the BBP system to call?

2) How many person can “log in” and send call list to the BBP system simultaneously?

1). Yes. Actually, you do not need to export the list at all. Your call list at home will remain at your home computer, and the call requests (phone number, audio files, your designed message, etc) are sent to the gateway computer at your office. You basically operate the BBP spreadsheet at home as if you are in your office.

2). The base version supports 1 simultaneous access. But you can purchase licenses that support more remote simultaneous access. Details please see Voicent online store.

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