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Appointment reminder: problem with playback device

I’m trying to get Gateway AutoReminder setup on a Windows Server 2003 machine, and using Skype only for the outbound calls. When the gateway goes to make the outbound call, Skype pops up and it looks like it is dialing the number (but it isnt) and Skype shows an error “problem with playback device”. Do I have to have a soundcard installed (even though I do not need to be able to hear…this is going to be automated)?

Yes, for Skype to run, you must have a sound card.

If you cannot have a sound card, such as in a hosted environment, do not use Skype but use SIP based VOIP instead. When SIP is used, the calls are handled in the gateway itself. There is no need to run extra softphone like the skype instance.

I have a sound card in my server now, yet I’m still getting “problem with playback device” from Skype. I’m guessing the problem is because I am connecting to the server via RDP to do my testing. How do I overcome this? I don’t have any VOIP capabilities other than Skype, so Skype is my only option. Tell me how to make this work…and I know it can, because someone there put me in touch with one of your large clients that is doing things this way.

My intention is to have Appointment Reminder read data from text files to do the reminder calls, with the entire process being automated, and no user having to touch anything.

When using Windows RDP, you must set the audio correctly when you login. From the Remote Desktop Connection dialog, click the ‘Options > >’ button, then select the Local Resource tab. Set the Remote computer sound to “Leave at remote computer”. If you do not do that, Windows is not going to load any sound device on the server for the RDP session.

BTW, if you can setup Skype, you can usually setup SIP.

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