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Autodialer and easy IVR

I’m interested in your Voicent BroadcastByPhone, but I want to check if the following feature is included or not: I want to call a list of phone numbers uploading a list from excel and this is doable.

Yes. You can use copy and paste, or import a file.

Once a number is dialed and the person/answering machine replies, it should be played a first message (this message is a sort of request to permit/listen the following advertisement message) then it requires the interaction of the recipient party: if “ 1” is pushed listen a new message, if “ 2” listen a message and end call.

It’s a sort o very easy IVR system. Can this be done with this product? And which licence?

Yes, you can do that with Voicent Broadcast By Phone + IVR Studio. The built-in Message Designer in Broadcast By Phone only suppurts one level of interaction, so it won’t work for your application. But you can use IVR Studio to create almost any kind of outbound IVR apps.

You’ll need Professional Edition for BBP and IVR Studio.

Is pressing “ 1” and “ 2” feature available if I have a VOIP provider?

Yes, most VOIP providers support DTMF tones for outbound calls. You can simply download the software and give it a try. Once installed, a good place to check is the product walkthrough under the program Help menu.

We also have other sip providers listed online.

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