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Survey for lead generation

Hello! I am a french speakers… I have ordered 2 days ago your products IVR Studio and BroadcastByPhone enterprise edition. I want to make surveys via 4 line of Skype. I am a real estate agent and I want to find new customer. Please tell me if the products that I have ordered are OK for this kind of surveys.

Yes, you ordered the correct products. You use the IVR Studio to design your survey, then deploy the survey application the Voicent Gateway. Once deployed, start Broadcast by Phone autodialer program, select the survey application, click start. It should be straightforward.

It is a good idea to learn the product through product walkthrough. You can access the walkthrough by selecting Help > Product Walkthrough… from the program main menu. And the topic “Multiple Question Survey” is exactly what you need.

Also, the program does not care whether the audio file is English or French. All it cares is that the audio file is of the format PCM 8KHz, 16bit, mono.

I will not receive any inbound call. If you have any idea to help me it would be a pleasure to read you. What kind of machine should I use for my survey?

For hardware requirement, please see Voicent hardware requirement when using Skype.

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