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Auto dialer select message

Regarding my Broadcast by Phone, Professional version not working properly that I alerted you to, I discovered that what ever wav file I select in the Broadcast -> Start/Schedule, this is the audio file that is delivered even though I set up a two message (answering machine and human) project with different wav files in the Message Designer. What am I doing wrong?

A new question — When the human message is delivered and a touchtone is entered by the recipient in response to my question, nothing occurs and nothing is recorded by Broadcast by Phone. (The recipient pushed a digit programmed to repeat the message, but it didn’t repeat). What am I doing wrong?

Both issues are related to not selecting the designed message. When a call list is not associated with a calling message, the default (let you pickup an audio file when start) is select. To select a message that you have designed using the Message Designer, please choose Broadcast > Select Message from the program menu.

You can see the selected message on the bottom status bar of the Broadcast by Phone auto dialer program.

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