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Auto dialer DTMF tone confirmation

I have the program setup to ask for a confirmation. When a person presses 1, the program should confirm the caller as a yes. However, when testing it out on a cellphone and landline, it isn’t confirming or acknowledging that I pushed yes. I have the right message selected and everything. Please tell me how to fix this.

First, please make sure the designed message is selected from BroadcastByPhone auto dialer. To select a message, choose Broadcast > Select message … from the program main menu. Once a message is selected for a call list, you should see the message ID displayed in the program status bar (lower right corner of the call list spreadsheet). Also, if you have confirmation items set in the message, you should see your call list spreadsheet contains a columen named confirmation.

One common problem with DTMF tone confirmation is that a few VOIP services do not support it. The notable one is RingCentral, which has a pretty decent calling plan and is recommend to use with Voicent AgentDialer. However, Ringcentral does not support DTMF tones, so it cannot be used with BroadcastByPhone auto dialer when tone confirmation is required.

You were right, I changed providers and it now works. A question I have now is when the user presses 1, the system says “thank you and goodbye” and then disconnects them. Is there anyway to keep it from disconnecting the user and continue playing the rest of the message? Also, can I change the voice that says “thank you and goodbye?”

Yes, but you must have Voicent IVR Studio, which is a separate product. BroadcastByPhone contains a simple Message Designer, which supports one level of interaction (one question). For more advanced call messages, such as multiple questions and answers, and linking to database and email, you must use IVR Studio.

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