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Daily automated call

I have a client that would like to have daily automated phone calls to shops listed on his web site. His thought is to have an automated call telling the shop how many times their link was clicked on. Is this possible with your software? Please advise.

Yes. The software you want to use is Broadcast By Phone auto dialer.

The first step to try is to set up the automated calls manually. Add a column to the call list spreadsheet and name it something like ‘clickthroughs’; use the built-in Message Designer to create a message to inform the ‘clickthrough’ rate for each customer. To do it manually daily, get the clickthrough data from the web site, update the clickthrough column in the spreadsheet, and start broadcasting. For more details about using Broadcast By Phone, please select Help > Product Walkthrough… from the program main menu.

Obviously manual operation is not ideal. You can use the Broadcast By Phone auto dialer command line to automated the process. Basically you need to write a simple script to get the daily clickthrough data from the web site, and creates an import file for the call list spreadsheet, and launch the autodialer program. The command line options are specified in the program Help file.

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