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Auto dialer with 72 lines or more

I am using callcentic. Can it do 72 lines and what is the procedure … what do I sign up for? For all 72 lines to work instantaneously

Here are a list of steps to set up auto dialer for making simultaneous calls on 72 or more lines:

1. Make sure you have enough VOIP channels for your callcentric account

The channel is like the traditional phone line, which allows a single phone call at any given moment. If you transfer calls to different phones, then each transfer requires one additional channel. So for 72 lines, you must have at least 72 channels. Most VOIP accounts, whether it is Callcentric or others, have some channel limitations. Contact your service provider to see what is the channel limit on your account, and ask them to increase the channel limit.

The other way is to sign up for more accounts. Assume the channel limitation is 8 per account, you’ll need to sign up for at least 7 more accounts. Just follow the link to sign up for more callcentric accounts. Please note, you do not have to have these accounts from the same VOIP company.

2. Configure Voicent Gateway to use these sip accounts

If you get more channels for your VOIP account, then increase the lines started using this account in the gateway. Open Voicent Gateway, select Setup > Options > SIP tab, select the VOIP account, click Edit, then increase the number of lines to start to the maximum of allowed channels. If you get a different VOIP account, then from the same SIP tab, click the Add button to specify the new account information.

3. Make sure you have enough internet bandwidth and CPU power

For each channel, you need 128Kbps for both upstream and downstream. With 72 simultaneous calls, and all these calls being processed by the gateway in real time, you will need a really powerful computer. For details, please see the installation FAQ.

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