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Automated calls to contact parents

Hello, we are looking to setup an automated call to contact parents automatically without us having to call individually all of the time at our school campus. Can you give us more information on regarding to this?

This should be pretty easy to do with our auto dialer tool. To make automated calls, all you need to do is upload a calling list, select a calling message, and click the start button.

It is not necessary to upload a list all the time. Our service contains a full database to manage lists. For example, a contact/student in the database can contain parent names, grade, home addresses, etc. You can search the database, such as all third grade students, and use the search results for automated calling.

A more useful feature of the auto dialer tool is that it is capable of collecting responses. For example, if you want to know how many parents will come for a school event, you can set it to collect touch tone key responses, such as press 1 for yes, and press 2 for no. All the yes answers can then be easily seen the the report page.

The service is extremely affordable, starting at $19 per month plus phone bills. For a small school, the monthly cost is likely to run below $50.

Our service also offers other tools, such as bulk text messages and emails. Both can be used to communicate with parents.

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