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Do I need Phone Equipment?

I am looking to purchase your software to dial for customers in North America and Canada. I am trying to figure out the sequence and phone equipment. I want to Start with one agent and need inbound and outbound numbers for US and Canada I also want to be able to connect fax equipment so I need to buy a box

The short answer is that you do not need any phone equipment in order to use Voicent software. All you need is a computer and broadband internet connection.

Voicent software does not do fax, so you’ll need to find a fax solution from other vendors. There are actually fax services online, which does not require any hardware equipment either.

I then want to have the system dial and transfer calls to an agent not in the office and if that agent does not answering the phone in 3 rings I want to redirect the call to an answering service we have so the customer gets human intervention.

That’s easy with Voicent software, which will call your agent’s phone number regardless where they are. To redirect a call to an answering service, you can simply set “call forwarding” with your agent’s phone provider. Most phone service will allow you to set how many rings before a call is being forwarded to a different phone.

Callcentric looks like they will work with the 3 chanels and get me canadain inbound numbers.

If you contact Callcentric’s support, they should be able to setup more channels for you.

What box do I need to buy to allow the transfers and the ability to plug phones and fax machines into hardware and still use them with your system

As explained before, we do not offer fax service. But do look into internet fax service. There are IP phones that can directly work with a VOIP provider like Callcentric. But if you want to use a traditional telephone, you’ll need to get a telephone adapter. For more info, take a look at “How it works” in Callcentric’s web site.

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