Monthly Archives: September 2006

Making Call Transfer Work for autodialer

Question: Everytime I try the call transfer feature, the line hangs-up before the call has been transfered. I have tried to add commas after the prefix , but to no avail. I have added as much as 8 commas. Please … Continue reading

Using Microsoft Scheduled Tasks for autodialing

I have some information on using BroadcastByPhone that I thought might be helpful to other customers. Our company bought BroadcastByPhone to test our IVR lines. The problem we were having was that we needed to do several tests an hour … Continue reading

Autodialer continue on next day automatically

Question: I set up a broacast sheduale from 9am to 8pm daily. Everyday it starts from the begining of the list instead of continuing. How can I make it continue from the last name from the day before? Answer: If … Continue reading