Monthly Archives: July 2008

Regulatory issues for automatic commercial phone mesage

Due to regulatory issues in Switzerland, we need approval of an automatic commercial message. Does Voicent IVR studio offer this feature? Example: Hello Mr. “Name”, if you want to hear a message about car insurance, then press 1 now (commerical … Continue reading

Automatic dialer call transfer notification

The program, Broadcast by Phone , is locking up my computer very often. It seems to only be when I use the call transfer option. We found this line in the log files you submitted: Alert cannot find agent for … Continue reading

Automatic dialer to call phone number with extension

I am wondering if BroadcastBYPhone supports calling phone numbers with extensions. If so, please let me know how to input the extensions in the spread sheet. It normally will not work. If the main number is answered by a receptionist, … Continue reading