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Voicent Technical Support

Features Wanted for a simple, message broadcasting system

Here are questions from a typical voice broadcasting user. Can define multiple call groups? Yes Can call in via phone, record a message, select a single group and start the broadcast? Yes Can stop broadcast at any time? Yes Can … Continue reading

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Failed to unpack web server ROOT

During installation, the software will automatically unpack certain folders on your computer. The compressed file of the installation package is: C:/Program Files (x86)/Voicent/Gateway/webapps/ROOT.war This file will be automatically unpack and create a folder names ROOT. When the system failed to … Continue reading

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Voicent CRM API (Part IV): Add a Notification

continue from part III … action=adduseralert This action is used to send an agent a notification through the API. If you know the target agent ID, use AGENTID, else you can use his login name in AGENTNAME. The other two … Continue reading

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