Monthly Archives: June 2013

Moving Voicent to a new computer

Hi, my computer is really slow but has a lot of important Voicent information on it that I do not want to re-create when I install on a new computer, how can I move my data over? Moving your custom … Continue reading

Setting up Voicent with Asterisk/FreePBX

hello voicent, I have an asterisk box with freepbx. Inside the asterisk/freepbx I can create an extension and my password. How do I plug those in as I do not see asterisk/freepbx under the phone call setup wizard, please help, … Continue reading

Failed to get response from SIP service

I am testing out the free version of Broadcast By Phone in order to evaluate it for a possible purchase.I have created a Skype Manager account, subscribed to a single channel, purchased Skype Credits, and transferred a reasonable number of … Continue reading