Monthly Archives: February 2008

Another case of autodialer crash

The system dials and works but it reboots after 20 phone calls. * I’m using Voicent modems * I’m using the original cables provided with the cards * The computers are new. * I make sure that the cards firmly … Continue reading

Auto dialer skip answering machine

I want to skip answering machines. I left the space for an audio file for answering machines blank but it still waited for the message and listed the call as leaving a message on an answering machine. Is there another … Continue reading

Autodialer advanced options

I need more explanation on these 3 otions a)__ Force message play b)Disconect after __ rings c) if not anserd dissconet after ___ sec a). When an outbound call is made by the system, it keeps a timer. If the … Continue reading