Monthly Archives: March 2006

Message Designer: Customized Confirmation Item

Question: What is the “Specify your own Meaning” option, and how does it work? With the other options, for example, you can select one to replay the message, to forward the phone, to stop the message, etc. When I specify … Continue reading

Design Confirmation Items

Question: When I edit a message in the Message Designer, the “Need confirmation or response” option is greyed out, to where I cannot select it. Answer: You have to select “Play different messages for answering machine and human pickup”, and … Continue reading

Failed to initialize TAPI

TAPI is Windows’s interface for telephony applications. Voicent Gateway could not function if this interface is not initialized correctly. If you experience this problem, please check: 1. TAPI interface is installed correctly From Windows’s control panel, click Phone and Modem … Continue reading