Monthly Archives: February 2010

Run autodialer minimized

I am looking to purchase Broadcast by Phone Pro and have a question. I will only be using the program via the command line. I have everything working except the “call to confirm” feature which I realize is not part … Continue reading

Appointment reminder: problem with playback device

I’m trying to get Gateway AutoReminder setup on a Windows Server 2003 machine, and using Skype only for the outbound calls. When the gateway goes to make the outbound call, Skype pops up and it looks like it is dialing … Continue reading

Autodialer and easy IVR

I’m interested in your Voicent BroadcastByPhone, but I want to check if the following feature is included or not: I want to call a list of phone numbers uploading a list from excel and this is doable. Yes. You can … Continue reading