Monthly Archives: March 2011

Calling international numbers

Hello we are using the AutoReminder and IVR studio for outbound calls. We purchased an internation calling plan through callcentric. How do we setup or enter appointments and have the system call both domestic & international phone numbers? If you … Continue reading

TAPI software in C#

I need TAPI that can dial a number and transfer the call to a live person if someone answers on the other line. I also need the IVR to be able to recognize a busy or disconnected line. All of … Continue reading

ISDN30 for dialers

In the UK we can get ISDN30 cards for PCs. The ISDN30 is similar to T1 but with 30 channels. Can the application dial 30 calls at the same time. Yes, Voicent software can dial simultaneous calls. Actually the number … Continue reading