Monthly Archives: November 2009

Support Skype 4.x

I checked Q & A and know that bp does not fully support skype v4.1. When are you planning to support Skype 4.1 officially? Whenever Skype supports SIP officially. SIP is the standard for Voice of IP (VOIP). Nowadays, almost … Continue reading

Improve autodialer result

I provide Technical support for Incarnate Word Church and we recently purchased an 8 line Enterprise Edition of Broadcast by Phone. We tested using the shareware for a month or so and are very pleased with the results. We purchased … Continue reading

Appointment reminder call lines

If there are times, when I only want to call out using only 1 phone line instead of the 2 phone lines, is there anything I can do to just set it to call out on 1 line? You can … Continue reading