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Release 10.5.1: More campaign control in workflow

More campaign related features are added to the workflow in release 10.5.1. Campaign Events You can trigger workflow using the following campaign event: Campaign Start, Campaign Stopped, Campaign Finished. Campaign Actions You can use the following campaign actions: Add customer … Continue reading

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Voicent CRM API (Part IV): Add a Notification

continue from part III … action=adduseralert This action is used to send an agent a notification through the API. If you know the target agent ID, use AGENTID, else you can use his login name in AGENTNAME. The other two … Continue reading

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Voicent CRM API (Part III): Schedule Follow up or Callback

continue from part II… action=addcallback The callback time is specified in MILLIS, which is the epoch time in a computer system. For example, if you use Java, you can get the current time in epoch time using System.getCurrentTimeMillis(); You can … Continue reading

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