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GoldWave Converting To A Correct Format

When creating a wav file using GoldWave v5.67 (unlicensed version) I save the file as PCM signed 16 bit, mono and then try to use it in AutoReminder, I get an error that the file is in the wrong format. … Continue reading

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BroadcastByPhone – Do not call feature

I would love a way for the do not call opt out option to automatically keep itself tracked with an inhouse list, do u guys provide that?? Since release 8.5.3 we have implemented a seamless experience for anyone using our … Continue reading

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BroadcastByPhone Command Line Keeps Prompting me to Save As

If you are using BroadcastByPhone command line import, some problems that you may experience could be the BroadcastByPhone prompting you to save the .voc file. This happens if the location of the imported .voc is in a read-only location. An … Continue reading

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