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Trigger an email to manager if a survey result is really bad | Survey Automation

It should be easy to trigger an email to alert a manager for a really bad survey result. In this example, we assume a bad result is defined as a customer giving a rating of 1. The workflow trigger is … Continue reading

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Multiple user cloud account

I see that you guys offer the option to have additional users under the same account. What I’m wondering is: would each user get their own personal portal? Each user is accessing the same portal (tools and CRM data). However, … Continue reading

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Setup Twilio Elastic Sip Trunk

Twilio provides Elastic SIP Trunk that can be used with Voicent software. This article shows how to set it up. Step 1. Create a new Sip Trunk Go to your Twilio console, go to the Elastic Sip Trunk dashboard. Click … Continue reading

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