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Voicent Technical Support

Failed to find Java Installation

Problem: Failed to start Voicent App Error Message: You do not have Java installed. (Free download available at Voicent Gateway cannot continue. Reason: Some Java 1.8 versions, when installed, do not include the necessary Windows Registry values Voicent app … Continue reading

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Setting up Government Covid 19 News Update

Hi! Due to the current world wide issue of Covid 19, we are looking for a solution that would allow us to send out updates to our local community regarding service updates, news updates etc to a pre-defined phone number … Continue reading

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Calculate minutes needed for auto dialer campaign

We are looking at a campaign that leaves messages and offers customers a chance to respond.  If we would place calls on perhaps 3000 per day with a 35 second message, and have an average of 10 responses, what would … Continue reading

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