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Voicent Technical Support

Setup Twilio Elastic Sip Trunk

Twilio provides Elastic SIP Trunk that can be used with Voicent software. This article shows how to set it up. Step 1. Create a new Sip Trunk Go to your Twilio console, go to the Elastic Sip Trunk dashboard. Click … Continue reading

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Failed to find Java Installation

Problem: Failed to start Voicent App Error Message: You do not have Java installed. (Free download available at Voicent Gateway cannot continue. Reason: Some Java 1.8 versions, when installed, do not include the necessary Windows Registry values Voicent app … Continue reading

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Setting up Government Covid 19 News Update

Hi! Due to the current world wide issue of Covid 19, we are looking for a solution that would allow us to send out updates to our local community regarding service updates, news updates etc to a pre-defined phone number … Continue reading

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