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Another case of autodialer crash

The system dials and works but it reboots after 20 phone calls.
* I’m using Voicent modems
* I’m using the original cables provided with the cards
* The computers are new.
* I make sure that the cards firmly conected

This is my comuter specs:
Mother board: Intel D945GNT, D945PSN, D945PLRL
RAM: 512MB/PC533
Hard drive: 40Gb
Intel Pentium IV 631 3.00

One thing we noticed are the language settings from the log files you sent us. We noticed the following print out in the output.log.

HttpConnector Abriendo sockets de servidor en todas las direcciones IP disponibles
HttpConnector[8155] Iniciando thread de posterior
HttpProcessor[8155][0] Iniciando thread de posterior
HttpProcessor[8155][1] Iniciando thread de posterior
HttpProcessor[8155][2] Iniciando thread de posterior

Most of our customers will set the locale to US English. That’s what we test our system internally.

To narrow down, you might want to set the locale to US English. (control panel > Regional and language Options)

I changed the language, still rebooting

Please take a look at whether the problem is caused by one particular PCI slot/modem/phone line.

The way to do it is disable all modems except one. And start making phone calls using that one line. If it works, try a different modem. Here is the instruction to disable modem.

The modem seems to be fine since it is unlikely that all of them are bad. The problem is probably related to phone lines/motherboard. Could you check the following:

(a). the phone line connecting the modem to the wall jack is not too long. We recommend you use the one that is supplied with the modem

(b). there is no other equipment (fax machine, etc) connected to the same phone line

(c). No extra signals (call waiting, new voice mail) on the phone line

If you could test the system in a different location, such as your home, and it works, that means there is something related to your current phone line. If it does not, then it is likely to be the computer/motherboard.

I am still have problem even using one modem

Other generic troubleshooting steps can be found at autodialer cause blue screen

It looks like that the motherboard is the problem in your case. Do you have a different computer to try? We do not see this kind of problem with Dell computers.

I am going to try Dell optilex 320. It has 3 PCI slots

You might be able to use USB modem to increase the line.

Thanks!!! my system is working now.. finally!!.

I\’m gonna buy the others 2 USB network adaptors (RJ45) to activate the other 6 lines ramainig


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