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Run autodialer minimized

I am looking to purchase Broadcast by Phone Pro and have a question. I will only be using the program via the command line. I have everything working except the “call to confirm” feature which I realize is not part of the demo package. When executing a command line script to dial out, the GUI dialer interface pops up. Is there any way in either the GUI or the command line to surpress the dialer table so nothing shows on the screen? I have another application running in the foreground and don’t want the dialer to obscure it.

Yes, “calll till confirm” is one of the very few features that you cannot test in the shareware edition. But this feature has been there for a long time and should work without any glitch.

You could run a program minimized through Windows batch file. For more details, please see Microsoft’s support documentations online. The following is a simple sample batch file:

cd "C:\\Program Files\\Voicent\\BroadcastByPhone\\bin"
start /min vcast.exe -numbers "123456"

The “start -min” will start the autodialer minimized so it won’t obscure your other programs.

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