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TAPI software in C#

I need TAPI that can dial a number and transfer the call to a live person if someone answers on the other line. I also need the IVR to be able to recognize a busy or disconnected line. All of this has to be programmable through C# on the .net platform. Is this possible using your software?

Yes, actually almost all the work has been done in the Voicent Agent Dialer software. All you need to do is issue a command to launch Voicent’s BroadcastByPhone program through C#. By using Voicent software, you do not need to program in TAPI at all.

Download the software and give it a try. For command line options, select the program Help menu > Help Topics.

For more advanced programming capabilities, you can take a look at Voicent IVR Studio; For lower level programming, take a look at Voicent Gateway.

I need to integrate my company’s proprietary software with your Gateway application. I know you have HTTP/XML protocol but what I really need and want is a C# API. I know you have the C# sample interface but that’s not extensive enough for our needs). Do you provide such a library for developers to use?

The provided C# example is just a simple wrapper of Voicent’s HTTP/voicexml protocol. If you want to create more interactive applications, it is better to take a look at Voicent gateway’s tutorial on how to use voicexml to create interactive call applications.

Think of VoiceXML as HTML, and Voicent gateway as web server. You can create dynamic web site using C# by creating HTML files dynamically and submit the HTML file to the web server. The rest is handled by the web server. The same is true for VoiceXML files. You can use C# to create dynamic call applications in VoiceXML, and let Voicent Gateway to take care of the calling.

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