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Magic Jack dropping 2 digits

I am using a XP computer with a modem. I am trying to call out using Magic Jack. It will call using just Magic Jack, When I try to use Voicent software, the modem calls and Magic Jack dials the number, but it drops 2 digits from the number so the call doesn’t go through.

If I reduce the number, by leaving the area code off, it will still drop the 2 digits.

What would cause this problem?

This is a known problem with some magic jack devices. The only way to work around this is to add 2 zeros to the end of every number.

If I were to do this:

  1. I would view the numbers in excel, copy the phone column into its own spreadsheet, then output a csv file.
  2. Using notepad++ open the csv.
  3. Use the Macro menu to select start recording.
  4. On the first line use the arrow keys to move to the end of the number, then add 00.
  5. Press the home key, then the down arrow once.
  6. Select Macro playback to see if it works for one line.
  7. If it doesn’t, manually fix it and try again. (Stop and start the macro recorder over)
  8. If it does, select Run multiple times and select until the end of the file.

After all of the numbers have 00, save it, then open it in excel and copy it back into the original call list.

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