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Single Call list with transfers

I am looking at expanding my outbound calling business and wanted to know if there is a way to submit a single call list for all my customers and programmatically select which wav file to play based on a customer # in the submitted file. Also, it would need to select a different number to transfer to the call to should the person being called select to be transferred. This would also be based on the customer #. Alternatively, if I have 60 SIP lines, can I execute multiple simultainous BP sessions using say 4 lines per session? Thank you!

Yes, the above can be done.

With Voicent IVR Studio, you can create inbound and outbound interactive voice response systems, for the above situation you would create an outbound IVR studio solution. The way the solution would work is you could specify a certain criteria of phone numbers that get wav file “a” and another set that could get wav file “b”, scaling as high as you need it. You can also easily allow the users to press something to be transferred should they want to.

For controlling the lines used per BroadcastByPhone session you would need the Call Center Manger with the Rules Engine. This allows you to fully control all of your lines and agents. An example of the Rules Engine would be a rule that say, restricts BroadcastByPhone to 4 lines like so.

__Camp__.Tool == 'BroadcastByPhone' __Line__.Number < = 4

As a side note: we are going to introduce a new tool called CallCenter CRM. It is fully integrated with all Voicent products and it will be a great tool to manage your customer relationship. For example, it will manage customer opt-out information, all automatically.

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