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Running Voicent through Command line

I have a problem running Agent Dialer through a command line, even though I can run Auto Dialer fine through a command line. I am pretty sure that I followed instruction provided through the site: The following is the command that I used: adialer.exe “C:\dial.aoc” -pd -startfromrow 3

This is a perfect example to correct a common mistake that people make when running Auto Dialer, Agent Dialer, BroadcastBySMS, Auto Reminder, etc. Since new patches have been applied to Voicent software, there are changes of how you should run Voicent through command line. If anyone has a problem running Voicent software through a command line, here are the 2 things that you need to check:

  1. Order matters. The Voicent file (i.e. .voc, .aoc, etc) needs to be located at the very end of the command. If it is located in any other place, the program would open and close immediately.
  2. Use -startnow. If you have any intention to start a broadcast or call, make sure you use -startnow in your command line. Regardless of the documentation you read.

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