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Group Mailbox Enhancements

When a users presses 1 to talk to sales they are transferred to any available agent, which is fine. However, if that agent is not available the client will leave a recording on the agent. If the user dialed the agents extension then that is okay, but when they press 1 to talk to sales they should leave a voicemail for sales.

October 16th Version 9.0.3
Voicent has configured a “Group Mailbox” option within the Voicent Dashboard software.

This “Group Mailbox” feature will allow any agent assigned to a group(example: Sales) to listen to, and manage the mail box for that group. If a client presses 1 to talk to sales and gets transferred to an agent that does not answer the call, the client will then leave a voice mail on the “group”.

Once the Voice mail is done each user logged into that group will receive a popup notification in the bottom right.

How to configure Group Mailbox?

In order to setup a group mailbox, you will first have to create and assign extensions and groups. Extensions will be created within Voicent IVR Studio and Flex PBX software. Once the extensions are created, you can create groups. In the groups window you are able to specify a password for the voice mail box. Simply create a password and assign agents to that group.

Once the agent logs into the name that was assigned to the group, they will be able to check the group mail box under the voice mail box window on the top right.

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