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Installation file permission: cannot create file

I get a cannot create file :

c:\Program Files\Voicent\Gateway\outcall\reqs\vxml\vcast\0\bcast_0.vxml

it comes up twice for each entry.

Are there any file or folder permission issue on that computer? Are you running the system as a system administrator?

You can open the folder:
c:\\Program Files\\Voicent\\Gateway\\outcall\\reqs
to see what is there. Can you create a file using Windows Explorer?

You can also clean up the folder by remove the reqs folder.

I am logged in as administrator. Their should not be any file or folder permission issues, however the reqs folder and the vxml folder is write protected saying access denied when I tried to delete it or paste a file into it. That must be why after I installed it that it couldnt creat the
bcast_0.vxml file. How do I correct this ?

Sometimes the Windows Operating System does have some weird behavior, especially when you re-install the OS a few times. (Program Files is a special folder under Windows). The way to workaround this is:

1). Uninstall all Voicent Programs
2). Install all Voicent Programs again. But instead of choosing Typical, choose custom install. Then choose a different folder, say C:\Voicent for the installation.

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