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Running BroadcastByPhone through a command line

I’m trying to run the Auto Dialer through the command line, how do I specify which message to use?

One of the features included with the Enterprise version of BroadcastByPhone is the ability to run the program through a command line interface. With the most recent version of the software you can now specify which message to use in the command line by simply including the following code:

-msgid “nameofyourmessage”

Example: vcast.exe -startnow -startfromrow1 -cleanstatus -msgid “notification2″ “reminder1.voc”

vcast.exe is the BroadcastByPhone program whereas -startnow and -startfromrow1 start the call list from the first row. -cleanstatus automatically clears the status column, -msgid specifies the message and “reminder1.voc” is the call list to use. Please note that the .voc file will always be the last part of any BroadcastByPhone command line entry regardless of the attempted command.

Another way of using a custom message from the command line is to create and save a BroadcastByPhone file with a message already selected. Then simply run the saved file and it will automatically use the message attached to the file.

For more information on command line usage, visit our tutorials or our developer page.

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