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IVR design

We get about a 1000 call per month from jurors we have summons. Typically, they are exercising an exemption or informing of us a disqualification. Sometimes we can confirm the exemptions using data we have, or we ask them to send in more information. Most of the other calls are requests to be transferred to a future date, which we grant if it is the first such request.

We have carefully reviewed your specification. We can certainly provide the solution you are looking for. For a 1000 calls per month, 1-line system should meet your requirement if the calls are evenly spread out throughout. We recommend the following options:

Option A:
1. Purchase Voicent standard product solution, IVR Studio and BroadcastBySMS software and input the menu yourself or your IT department (if you have one).
For this option, you just purchase standard software license and maybe the support so we can provide support for you while you are implementing the system according to your spec. It will cost less but it will take longer time since you will have learn the IVR design flow and how our interactive SMS system works.

Option B:
2. Purchase Voicent standard product solution and having us to implement the project for you as customized project.
For this option, we will design the IVR according to your specifications and implement the entir IVR system and SMS notification system, deploy the system on your machine until it’s up and and running. In another word, we will take all your menu input and design the IVR system prompt, setup and configure the SMS system for notifications.

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