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Auto Dialers: What is the right choice for you?

Auto dialer software


As this virtual age progresses, more and more companies are finding it beneficial to make use of an auto dialer. With vast options to choose from, research is key before purchasing your new software or device. I hope this article serves to simplify your search for a new auto dialer.

Before making hasty purchases, I suggest making a list of exactly what you are looking for in your auto dialer software. Think about your target customers, or your local voters. Think about your resources as well as your approach to this purchase. What features would you like to replace older methods? Do you need to save time and capital by streamlining your cold call process? Will you require software that makes numerous calls simultaneously, or does your business call for that control to be in the hands of your employees? Finally, what are the laws with which your new auto dialer must comply? Once you have your answers, you are ready to begin.

If your goal is a nationwide focus group, you may be interested in voice broadcasting, otherwise known as robocalling. This auto dialer software plays a message which you create ahead of time. With an IVR (interactive voice response), the software will ask your contacts to press a button based on their choice of answers. This is a great way to broaden your horizons, and make sure you are up to date on what matters most to you.

Semi-automatic dialer software lets your employees have the control they need in order to provide the best customer service possible. With a semi-automatic dialer, everything including dialing is done by a person. This is the oldest form of auto dialer, and has actually been around for over 80 years. Today’s semi-automatic dialers, while controlled by a human, usually make it as simple as the touch of a button.

Is telemarketing your goal? If so, maximize your potential with an enterprise grade auto dialer. This powerful software has endless capabilities. A telemarketing auto dialer is capable of placing large amounts of calls simultaneously, and then must be able to sustain those calls if completed. Massive quantities of calls are the purpose of this powerful type of auto dialer.

If you are looking for customizable messages and an auto dialer capable of collecting speech and touch tone feedback, you are probably looking for a smart auto dialer. Using message templates, a smart auto dialer creates custom messages to your liking.

With so many choices, choosing an auto dialer, or auto dialing software can be overwhelming. I hope to have made your search a bit more streamlined. Happy Calling!

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