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Received unwanted automated phone calls

Once in a great while people call us about receiving unwanted phone calls with Voicent message. This can be especially annoying when you receive these calls several times in a day. We fully understand your frustration and like to help you combat this problem. This article explains what is really going on and what you can do about it.

First of all, Voicent do not make these calls

Voicent is a software company which makes call center software. Our clients includes many government agencies, like FEMA and city governments, major call centers worldwide, and many businesses large and small. To facilitate our prospect customers to evaluate our solutions, we offer a demo/trial software online for anyone to download. The software contains a sample audio file that people can use to test the calling feature.

Normally, people would download our software to their own computer, set it up with their own phone service, and make a few test calls, using the sample message, to themselves. As a matter of fact, you can download this software and make the software to call you with the sample message.

But there are very few people would abuse the software and use the sample message and our software to call you.

Can Voicent stop these calls?

Unfortunately, no. The software is on that person’s computer and use their own phone service. This situation is no different from someone buys an iPhone and repeatedly calls you. Apple, the equipment maker is not going to be able to stop that.

They what can you do?

First, try to find out who is calling you.

If there is a caller ID for these calls, then you should know who is making the calls. Sometimes your friend maybe playing a prank on you.

If the caller ID is blocked, you can still find out who is calling you. The place to start is to your phone company. Your phone company may require you to file a police report or some other legal paperwork. But they should be able to trace the caller.

Once you know who is calling you, then take action accordingly.

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