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Perfect question for auto dialer

This is what I like to do. I will provide a list of customers that I want your program to call and a audio file that I also have will play when they answer the phone and if they hit one which would mean they do not want us to call them anymore it will go into a do not call list, so when we go to call the next time the program should read the DNC Do not call list and skip the numbers in that list so they won’t get a call also if the customer due not answer the phone a audio file I have will play and leave a message. Also want my company phone number to show on there phone So can you help

This question actually describe the auto dialer perfectly.

First, create an auto dialer message.

  1. Select the Setup, Campaign, Message menu. Click the Add button
  2. Give the message template a name, select Interactive Message (press-1), click Continue
  3. Select an audio file for live answer
  4. In the Confirmation section, select press 9, then choose Opt Out
  5. Select an audio file for machine answer
  6. Save the message template

Then run and re-run the campaign as usual, make sure the select the newly designed message template for your campaigns.

When someone presses 9, the dialer will set the Do Not Call field automatically. Next time you run the same list, the contacts that have Do Not Call checked will not be called.

Also, please note your live answer audio message must inform people to press 9 to opt out.

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