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Setup remote AutoReminder client for appointment reminder

I am experiencing problems with several computers when trying to setup the Reminder Call desktop application to connect to the server. After applying the IP address, port and password for the server and upon restart of the application, I am receiving a error message that reads “Cannot get file /../data/contact.txt from server. Failed to connect to server. I am able to ping the server from these desktops and I am able to connect from others that I have the application installed on. I have emailed you previously on this issue and you instructed me to delete the contact.txt file on the desktop and reconnect, which worked on the initial desktop. It does not seem to be working with any of the others I am experiencing the problem with. Do you have any other suggestions?

This is weird. The server does not differentiate which client it is talking with. What is the difference between the desktop that works and those that don’t? How about the contact.txt file on the server? Anything special?

The problem is solved. It is the file and folder permission we setup on the client computer.

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