Personalize Auto Dialer Messages

we are looking at a sample message similiar to: Hello [contact name] please respond by [todays date + 30] Is that possible?

To include a contact name in your message template is easy. Here are the steps:

1. Select Setup, Campaign, Message from the main menu. Click the Add button to add a new auto dialer message.
2. Make sure to select Interactive Message (press-1 campaign) as message type
3. In the message item, choose Text to Speech, then enter Hello on the right. (Or choose audio file, then select the audio file for hello), click the + button on the right.
4. In the new message item, choose CRM, then select the correct field on the right, such as First Name.

To include [today's date + 30], that is more complicated and you need to use Voicent IVR Studio to do so. It will require a little programming or scripting to get today’s date, and then add 30 days to it. The full IVR tutorial is online.

As a workaround (without using IVR Studio), you may just say something like you must respond in 30 days.

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Courts strikes down FCC’s new definition of autodialers

A circuit court of appeals in Washington struck down the FCC’s expansion of the definition of an autodialer, which could include smart phones, as over-reaching and unreasonable. The court rejected the assertion that any dialing equipment or device that could dial numbers using a random number generator or a sequential number generator was an auto dialer. (a smart phone with add-ons could be turned into an auto dialer by this definition).

The association of collection agencies and financial institutions was pleased with the decision. The current FCC’s chairman also supported the ruling.

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Fully automated political polling solution

Election polling has many challenges in recent years. One of the trend is the decline of people willing to answer surveys. This makes it necessary to call more people to get a reliable result. Without a fully automated polling solution, the cost can be prohibitive for many organizations.

The good news is that we have streamlined our software solution to provide organizations with an easy-to-use end-to-end solution – from survey app creation, automated dialing campaigns, survey data reporting, and all the way to data export. Customers only need to sign up for our cloud service to take advantage of our full polling solution. In addition, polling or survey by text message is also available.

To help you get started, we have created online demo videos and survey samples.

Our cloud pricing starts from $19 per month, which comes with 2 outbound lines. In addition, we offer calling packages to suit your call volume to save your phone bills.

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