Manager Dashboard script error

This article shows how to fix one common issue if you see the following error when using Voicent Manager Dashboard.

First, make sure you have the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer installed

Please note IE is not the same as the latest Microsoft Edge browser. Type in “Internet Explorer” in the Windows search bar, you should see it listed. As of this article, the latest version is 11.

Second, Make sure the following Registry Value is Set

First, use open the regedit tool to open Windows registry. Once open, go to the following folder to add a value.

For 64 bit Windows

Computer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MAIN\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION

For 32 Bit Windows


Insert REG_DWORD as “ccmgr.exe” and set the value to 0×00002af8 (11000 Decimal). Must be DWORD_DECIMAL.

Now restart Manager Dashboard program.

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PhoneTree Appointment Reminder Replacement

I am looking for a replacement unit for my Phone Tree appointment reminder. PhoneTree seems no longer in business or not selling the unit anymore. Do you have such a unit and what is the price?

Yes. We offer appointment reminder software (AutoReminder) that is easy to use and offers more features than the PhoneTree unit. In addition to telephone appointment reminders, the software is also capable of text message and email reminders.

Actually, our software does not even require a physical hardware. It is installed on your computer (Windows) and can be configured to use your own telephone service or almost all VOIP/SIP phone services.

The Auto Reminder software is a pretty mature product. It has been on the market for more than ten years. We have customers ranging from individual medical offices, spa and hair salons, to large hospitals.

For pricing and more info, please see Voicent Appointment Reminder Software overview.

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Personalize Auto Dialer Messages

we are looking at a sample message similiar to: Hello [contact name] please respond by [todays date + 30] Is that possible?

To include a contact name in your message template is easy. Here are the steps:

1. Select Setup, Campaign, Message from the main menu. Click the Add button to add a new auto dialer message.
2. Make sure to select Interactive Message (press-1 campaign) as message type
3. In the message item, choose Text to Speech, then enter Hello on the right. (Or choose audio file, then select the audio file for hello), click the + button on the right.
4. In the new message item, choose CRM, then select the correct field on the right, such as First Name.

To include [today's date + 30], that is more complicated and you need to use Voicent IVR Studio to do so. It will require a little programming or scripting to get today’s date, and then add 30 days to it. The full IVR tutorial is online.

As a workaround (without using IVR Studio), you may just say something like you must respond in 30 days.

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