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Playing .wav file from Autodialer BroadcastByPhone

I’m using the Broadcast by Phone dialer and trying to push a wav file out to several people. The wav file starts to play but then cuts out about 10-20 seconds in and goes silent. What can I troubleshoot to fix this?

Here are the places you should check:

1) you have a reliable internet connection, do not use wireless connection

2). you have good internet bandwidth, 64Kbps for both up and down speed

3). your computer is fast enough. For a single line system, an i3 based CPU should be fine.

4). your VOIP service is reliable

We decided to use Nextiva as our SIP trunking service as it does show support in the Voicent KB. Inbound & Outbound calling work fine, however we are unable to play .WAV files for longer that 25 seconds. The file will play normally, but right at 25 seconds, the call is dropped. Once we used one of our Callcentric test accounts, there were no problems playing the audio file. Is there anyway you could test this on your end to verify a problem? I can provide you with a Nextiva SIP user for testing


Do you have enough channels on your nextiva account?

4 Lines. I’ve tried on both our firewalled network and on a DMZ on multiple machines with the same result using Nextiva.

Try to call using only a single line. If it works, try to use 2 lines. It may shed some light on the problem.

I’ve tried using a single line and getting the same result. It cuts out exactly at 25 seconds. I also performed another test where I created a simple IVR application that would transfer to another phone (In this case my cell) and the call dropped at 25 seconds. It doesn’t appear to be limited to just wav files.

As another test, I called a SIP line on our Nextiva trunk from my cell, and the call never dropped. (Cell to X-Lite). I’ve tested on multiple networks, firewalled and DMZ’d and have had the same result. I’ve even tested on my home network.

I’ve attached log files from the last IVR call that was done

We see no error in the log files either.

Try to download the latest version, should fix the issue.

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