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Message Designer: Customized Confirmation Item


What is the “Specify your own Meaning” option, and how does it work? With the other options, for example, you can select one to replay the message, to forward the phone, to stop the message, etc. When I specify my own meaning, there is no functionality set for that…what exactly is it and how am I supposed to use it?


This option is used more for reporting purpose. All confirmation or response for each phone call will be displayed in the “Confirmation” column in the spreadsheet window.

Support you want to call your customer for a great offer, and at the end you ask them to press 5 if they are interested. You can then design a customized confirmation item, specifying
“Press 5″ in the Response box, and selecting “specify your own meaning” and type in “interested” in the box below in the To box.

If your call is made and your customer pressed 5, in the Confirmation column it will show “interested”.

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