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Multiple modems


I have a 4-line system, but it seems only 1 line is functioning. And in my BroadcastByPhone spreadsheet window, instead of 4 green bars, there is only one green bar showing the current calling number.


1). First please check that all your modems are plug firmly into the PCI slots.

2). Make sure all modems are recognized by Microsoft Windows. Go to Windows Control Panel, select Phone and Modem Options. Click the Modems tab. Please make sure all modems are listed.

If not, please click the Add button. Try to follow the instructions to add the modem device.

If some modems are not listed, try to reboot your system to see whether it is recognized. If not, try to turn off your system, unplug the modems that are not recognized by your system, boot your system. Turn off again, plug in the modems, then turn on the system.

3). Make sure all your modem driver is installed correctly. Select the modem, the click the Properties button. More information can be found at:

Voice modem FAQ

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