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Increase predictive dialer speed

I have a two line predictive dialer. 10 calls every 10 minutes how do I speed this up?

If you are not going to leave message on answering machines, you can speed up that by go to Voicent Gateway > Setup > Options > Advanced, and set “Disconnect as soon as answering machine is detected”. If not set, the system will wait till the beep.

There is no other way to speed up since most of the time is spent on waiting for someone to pickup. More lines is the only way to increase the speed.

can I hold up dialer once I connect to a live person so it doesn’t call someone else

To hold the dialer, just stop the predictive dialing. Once you are done talking, start it again. (You might still have one call in the queue). Also, if you have too many calls to answer, you can slow down the predictive dialing by select Predictive > Options from the AgentDialer program main menu.

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