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Broadcast by Phone Autodialer failed call alert

we came across an error that we need your help with.
Failed Call Alert
Too late to call
Broadcast message 4

This message means that the call does not get a chance to go through, or the retry call does not go through.

When a call is first scheduled with Voicent Gateway, from BroadcastByPhone or AutoReminder, it is added to the calling queue. If the call is to be made right away, Voicent Gateway will find an available phone line to make the call. If all the phone lines are busy, the call is simply put in the queue that is to be executed.

Every call is given a maximum wait time. If a call is to be made, but has passed the maximum wait time, the “Failed Call Alert” window will appear, stating that the call is too late to call.

If a call is failed, such as when it gets a busy tone or no answer, Voicent gateway will try to reschedule the call before the maximum wait time.

Usually you will not see this alert window. If might happen when multiple clients trying to send call requests to the same Voicent Gateway at the same time.

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