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Appointment reminder using multiple scripts

We have purchaced Voicent AutoReminder. I need to know if I can use multiple scripts for differnet proceedures. We also have multiple departments that may need to use multiple scripts for different proceedures. Can you please inform me on how this is done?

Yes, you can use multiple scripts for your reminder calls.

Unlike traditional reminder call systems, Voicent AutoReminder does not need a script (a command line text file) for reminder calls. All customization of reminder call messages are accomplished by using a graphical user interface called Message Designer. You can easily select different audio files, text, and confirmation items for your reminder message. You can design different messages for answering machine and live human pickup also. For details, please see Auto Reminder online demo

Once you have different messages designed, you select the message when a appointment is created. The system will take care of the rest.

Thank you for your previous response. Several of our departments will be using AutoReminder. These departments use different scheduling applications that need to have there appointments automatically exported and then automatically imported into AutoReminder using the appropriate scripts. Is your team able to assist us with this process?

As long as you can export appointments to a comma separated text file (CSV file), you can import the appointments into AutoReminder. If the exported file use the AutoReminder appointment format, then it can be directly imported; otherwise, an import conversion program is needed. A conversion program converts an exported file to the AutoReminder format.

You can have your own IT engineer or anyone else to write the conversion program. If you want us to write the program for you, please send us a sample of an exported appointment file. The fees for this kind of custom programming depends on the complexity of the exported file. For normal cases, the programming fee is about eight hundred dollars.

The best place to get help for export appointments is your scheduling software vendor.

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