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Appointment reminder for multi-location and multi-doctors

Right now through message designer, certain items of an appointment are available to play. But say if we have Multiple doctors for particular one office, and we want to play “Dcotor’s Name” for the appointment. How can we play that name

First, you need to have multi-user license for AutoReminder. A user (doctor) for Auto Reminder is also referred as a calendar user (vs. contact for patient). To add a new calendar user, select User from the program main menu, then select Manage Users. Details please see Multiple User demo.

If you are using the HTTP interface to management your appointment, please use the user field to specify the appointment user. The rest of the fields should be the same as for single user version.

Its not adding from different location, its about letting patient know that they have appointment with this doctor at this location.

Assume there are two offices: office1 and office2
Assume there are two providers: provider1 and provider2

Both providers see patients in both the offices.
On Monday and Tuesday: Provider1 sees patient in office1. Provider2 sees patients in office2.
On Wednesday: Provider1 is on holiday and Provider2 sees patients in office1.
On Thursday: Provider1 sees patient in office2 and provider2 on holiday.
On Friday: Provider1 sees patients on office2 and provider2 sees patients on office1.

Now when appointment reminder calls, Here is what we want do for multi-user, multi-provider practice:

Example1: Patient abc has an appointment with provider1 at office1.
Example2: Patient pqr has an appointment with provider1 at office2.
Example3: Patient xyz has an appointment with provider2 at office1.

How can we have Auto Reminder let patients know about “Doctor name” and “Office name”?

This requires a simple extension. All you need to do is treat “Provider1 in Office1″, and “Provider1 in Office2″, two different calendar users. So when you add a new user, specify “Provider1 in Office1″ and choose the correct office call back number.

Please also note that when you add a new user, you can specify an audio file to pronounce the user name (doctor name). You can simply say something like “Provider1 in Office1 at street…”. This way the reminder call message will include both the doctor name and location.

Once setup, you can add your appointment using the user field.

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