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Export appointment reminder call status

I am evaluating your product. In my application, it is critical that I be able to export the information I need to update my appointments in another application. I do not understand the difference in “Get appointment call status” vs. “Get appointment call status info”. Also, what is the difference in “Get appointment confirmation status” vs “Get appointment reminder call report”? Can I get an example of each of these? Thanks.

1. The call status returns the call status strings. They are:

“failed” : failed
“made” : either human pickup and answering machine
“pending” : call is still in the queue
“retry” : call will retry

2. The call info returns additional information about the call. Some of the info strings are:

“Service Not available” : e.g. cannot get starting vxml file
“Service Error” : e.g. web server down
“Answering machine force disconnect”: auto disconnect answering machine based on option
“Call did not go through”: no answer, max ring reached etc
“Answering machine no beep detected” : fail based on option

“Line occupied” : could not get a line with dial tone
“Line disconnected” : line disconnected by either party before message playing
“Transfer noanswer (call Dropped)” : no answer for transferred call
“Line Busy” : line busy tone
“No Answer” : no one answers the call

“Call succeeded”
“Message left on answering machine”

3. The call confirmation string is the response the gateway gets, such as appointment confirmed (when touch tone 1 is pressed), canceled, etc

4. The call report is a list of all calls information such as appointment time, call status, etc

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